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The 12 DATES of Christmas - Coming Up Roses

The 12 DATES of Christmas - Coming Up Roses
The 12 DATES of Christmas - Coming Up Roses

12 Dates of Christmas - Festive date ideas for you + yours this Christmas season! - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Christmas lights tour. This is a favorite of J and I. Last Christmas, we drove an hour to sit outside some dude’s house for another hour, because he decked the *entire* place with lights and synchronized a whole Christmas playlist to it. Can we say epic? We grabbed a bottle of wine to take with us and two glasses and sat with the seats back taking it all in. Just pleasepleaseplease do not drive after drinking – make sure you’ve got a solid window of time in there with zero alcohol.
    12 dates of Christmas - Christmas lights tour
  2. Hallmark cheesy movie marathon. The cheesier the better! The plots are all the same – girl brings fake/bought/rented boy to family for the holidays and ends up falling in love with him. Since you already know the ending from the first ten minutes of the movie, you can spend the rest of the time making out. You’re welcome. (;
  3. Gingerbread house contest. Team up as co-architects or battle it out with two separate houses and see who can make the ultimate gingerbread house with all the fixins’. Bonus points if you make little gingerbread people to habitate your houses.
  4. Contact a local nursing home and find out how many residents are there. Write out a holiday card to every single one and deliver to the staff to hand out. If you’re musically inclined, stick around and sing some carols with them. If you’re artistically inclined, make a few decorations for their rooms or lounges. If you’ve got mad baking skillz yo, whip up a batch of Christmas cookies to distribute. Endless options for making people’s days here!
  5. Go ice skating, sledding, skiing and/or tubing. All the extreme winter sports! Whether you’re experienced at any of the above or not, you can at least grab a plastic toboggan and find the largest hill to sled down together for the first big snowfall. Make sure you hold onto each other tightly so no one falls off the sled!
  6. Head to a Christmas tree farm and pick out the perfect tree. Make a checklist ahead of time with your favorite tree features and wander the tree aisles until you’ve got *your* tree.
  7. See a Nutcracker performance and grab a fancy dinner after. It’s like “dinner and a movie” but in classy holiday fashion. Find local performances of this Christmas classic performance, dress yo’selves up in holiday best, and head out for a fancy night on the town with a delicious dinner after at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, but can’t regularly afford. Splurge on yourselves a little, and soak in every second.
  8. Ding Dong Ditch with Christmas cookies. I got this idea from my girl Nina, and I absolutely love it. Make a giant batch of cookies and other yummy Christmas treats together, wrap them up in cute clear plastic baggies with ribbons, add a little note to say “Merry Christmas!” and any notes on allergies, and leave them on neighbors’ front stoops! Just make sure you knock and ring the doorbell as soon as you put the cookies down…then run and hide and try to catch their reactions!
  9. Make extreme hot cocoas. Grab a whole slue of goodies to put on top, from different size and flavor marshmallows, to chocolate candies and meltable sweets. Remember: The higher the marshmallow, the closer to God.
    Hot Chocolate date idea - 12 dates of Christmas on Coming Up Roses
  10. Marathon Christmas classics. Think the original Rudolph, Frosty, Grinch cartoon, Miracle on 34th St., It’s a Wonderful Life…the older the better. These just never get old amiright?? They’re memorable and traditional and so cheery and merry and fun, making them perfect for an entire lazy Saturday afternoon.
  11. If you belong to a church, check out the holiday events – from Christmas Choir Concerts, holiday craft shows, and Vespers services, to Happy Birthday Jesus programs. Many churches also have Operation Santa Clause programs, where you can opt to buy gifts for specific families and people in need. I lovelovelove these programs, because it’s so fulfilling to be able to provide a little special something to a stranger. If you have the means to help out a little extra, I 100% recommend! Sometimes these operations are as simple as buying a few lovely bath and body products for a single mom, or a new doll for a little girl who has never had a doll before. Shop with your significant other to find the perfect gifts to make someone’s Christmas a little better!
  12. Have a Christmas mall extravaganza – but don’t do go for the shopping! Instead, wander through the shops, enjoy the loud music and lights and garlands everywhere, take advantage of free samples errrr’where, ASK for perfume samples (because they hide behind the counter – trust!), and treat yo’selves to something yummy to eat and drink. Give the pet store puppies a Christmas snuggle. And if you’ve still got some shopping left to do, *maybe* pick each other out something small and cute as a Christmas preview. (;

Christmas card couple
What’s your favorite Date for Christmastime?

I would lovelovelove to hear in a comment below! There may be only 12 dates of Christmas, but I like to think the Christmas spirit lasts all year long. Wouldn’t you agree?

Happy FRIYAY – and have a very merry weekend!

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